For Certified, Coders & HEDIS Reviewers

Wednesday, October 25, 2023  
11am-5pm EST

Serious inquiries only!

Applicant must have 2 recent years of HEDIS work experience or Certified Credentials (CPC, CCS) CRC or CHRR. Credentials must be from AIMRRA, AHIMA or AAPC.

 Please do not apply or submit your resume if you do not hold the experience or certifications required at the time of resume submission.
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About this event

When and where
Wednesday, October 25, 2023      11am - 5pm EST


 Virtual and/or 1:1 Interview (Virtual or Phone)


6 hours ( each interview session is time slotted for 10 minutes)

Employers & Recruiters 
Who Attended Last Year Job Fair

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Change Healthcare

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HireOps Staffing, LLC

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Please do not apply or submit your resume
if you do not hold the experience or certifications required at the time of resume submission.

Frequently asked questions

Who should apply?

Applicants who have 2 years HEDIS work experience or certified credentials (CPC, CCS) CRC or CHRR should apply.
Credentials must be from AIMRRA, AHIMA or AAPC. 

Can I apply if I do not have any certifications credentials?

No. Applicants who do not have the experience or hold the requested certifications required at the time of resume submission CAN NOT apply/submit their resume. 

Will the interview be virtual or on the phone?

It depends on the employer/recruiter. They may require a virtual (online face to face) or phone interview. Applicants should be prepared.

Once I submit my resume, what happens next? 

Once an applicant submit their resume, the applicant's resume will go through a preliminary process. The process will include but not limited a applicant tracking scan (ATS), which is a software system that scan for keywords and phases mentioned in our employers/recruiters qualifications requirements. In addition, our staff will sort through resumes to help narrow the field of relevant applicants. Once an applicant's resume has passed the preliminary process. The applicant will be emailed with interview time(s) before October 25, 2023. Applicant has 72 hours to respond to the email or their interview time slot may be forfeited.

Do I have to be a member to submit my resume?

No, you do not have to be a member to submit your resume or apply. However, members get primary timeslot preference and can attend career building events, such as resume building and job career preparations.

Should I dress for my interview?

Yes, applicants/interviewee should dress for their scheduled interview.

What should I expect before, during or after the job fair. 

Expect to:
  • Introduce yourself to potential employers and answer employer questions.
  • Get information and leads that are not available on the employer's website.
Do not expect to:
  • Be prepared to be on camera, just in case.
  • Be given a job offer.

Before the job fair

  • Register. Although not always required, having your name on the list of pre-registered attendees shows professional courtesy to both fair organizers and exhibiting employers.
  • Research participating employers. 
  • Know your career objective.
  • Make a list of questions for employers. Ask about how they recruit and hire people with your skill set.
  • Your target employers will likely have similar hiring practices.
  • Polish your resume.
  • Practice your speech.
  • Use a clear voice and provide the employer with concise and relevant information. It's a good idea to practice with someone else.
  • Practice interview responses.
During the job fair
  • Dress professionally.
  • Talk with recruiters, but not for too long.
  • Take notes.
  • After meeting someone, make a few notes. What did you discuss with them? Did you commit to any follow-up?
  • Be professional, polite, and positive.

After the job fair

  • Send a thank-you e-mail or letter to remind your contacts of who you are and any specifics you discussed.
  • Thank your contacts for their time and ask about next steps.
  • Make sure to organize your job fair notes and contact information.
  • Follow up with AIMRRA.