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Join me for some live video, group sessions or access on-demand videos that will dive into Marketing, Branding, and Business tricks to supercharge your sales and brand game!

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Exciting news! For just $7.00 per month, you can choose either a subscription for 24/7 on-demand video access or opt for more by joining live video group coaching sessions every Thursday at 6:30pm EST. 

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It's the golden ticket you've been waiting for! Get ready to be inspired and master the art of business, starting your own venture.

Gain Powerful Insight Sessions to Push You | Gain Powerful Insight Sessions to Push You and Your Business to New Heights!


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Business Webclass with Dr. Lanette

Dr. Lanette stands out for her exceptional transparency and authenticity in delivering content. 

She fearlessly spills the tea on her ups and downs as an entrepreneur, making her the realest deal in town. Her honest storytelling hits home and fires up anyone diving into the business world. 

But wait, there's more! Lanette's not just about spillin' the tea—she's serving up piping hot tips on marketing, sales, and personal growth. Subscribing to her monthly membership is like unlocking a treasure chest of wisdom to steer your own entrepreneurial ship to success.

Ready for a boost of motivation and some practical know-how? Don't miss out on her business master sessions. It's the golden ticket you've been waiting for!
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Certified Risk Adjustment Coder® (CRC®) 
Certified Managed Care Nurse (CMCN®)
Certified Healthcare Record Reviewer® Instructor (CHRR®)
Certified Risk Adjustment Coder Instructor (CRC-I)
Certified Healthcare Medical Reviewer® (CMRR®) 
Certified Healthcare Record Collector® (CMRC®) 
Certified Professional Coder® (CPC®)

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