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Lanette's Notes 
MY2023 - CCS (Cervical Cancer Screening)

Access Lanette's HEDIS Notes MY2023

View, read and take your own notes from Lanette's point of view. Gain insight into understanding and mastering HEDIS abstraction.

Please note: You will not be able to download or print notes. You will only be able to view notes. Write your own notes, create sticky notes, jot down comments and best practices. Techinical Specifications For Health Plans: Volume 2  MY:2023 manual can be purchased at NCQA.org. 
  • 6 Month Access
  • Work on Your Speed
  • Increase Your Accuracy Proficiency Rate
  • Learn How to Review HEDIS Records at a Faster Pace
  • Create sticky notes, jot down comments and best practices.
  • Listen to Lanette's point of view while she reads and writes her notes in the technical specs guidelines.
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